Nintendo announces new Switch with OLED screen

Nintendo has announced the long-awaited new Switch model is a 7-inch console with an OLED screen. It‘s out now October 8. The price is 30,499 rubles (normal Switch โ€” 22,999 roubles) .

As expected from leaks, all old accessories will fit โ€” even Joy-Con and Docstation. Among the features of Switch OLED: convenient wide stand with multiple levels of customization 7-inch OLED screen improved LAN port speakers in 64 gigabyte memory dockstation.

For comparison, the current model has a small stand and not adjust tilt level, 6. 2 inch LCD screen and just 32 gigabytes of memory.

Unfortunately, there is no need to expect to increase power in the new model โ€” this Nintendo has already confirmed to reporters. Technically Switch OLED repeats the second revision console, and the image through the dockstation is limited to 1080p.

Framework will be smaller the start of sales will be two models. The white-red and bruising current lineup included three consoles.

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