Nintendo releases Metroid Dread review trailer about exploration and dangers

Metroid Dread is less than a month away, and to attract players who are not familiar with the series, Nintendo has released a preview trailer for the upcoming novelty. It focuses on two The most important elements of the game: exploring the world and the dangers that await the protagonist on the mysterious planet ZDR. But about everything in order: Samus Aran arrives at ZDR, where a maze full of maze awaits her dangers and secrets.

The heroines unique abilities, from โ€œspidermagnetโ€ to โ€œmoment displacementโ€, will help uncover them. And, of course, a weapon is necessary when surviving.

It will help against some, but not all, opponents. For example, the Emmys are virtually invulnerable โ€” if these machines spot you, run, otherwise theyll catch Samus โ€” and โ€œgame over.

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