Nintendo sued over $50 failure to pay

Nintendo not long ago won a trial against the RomUniverse portal, which distributed illegal versions of games for Switch, 3DS and other platforms of the company. By court order, the owner of the site is obliged to pay her $2. 1 million for copyright infringement.

It would seem to be a victory, even though the judge did not uphold the $15m requested. However, the court did not insist on a lump sum as demanded by Nintendo, instead ordering the defendant to contribute a modest amount of $50 each month.

The company tried to challenge this, but could not prove that Matthew Stormans actions caused it irreparable damage. And now Nintendo is suing Storman again, accusing him of delinquent first mandatory payment of $50.

This is seen as evidence that such a lenient sentence is unable to compel the defendant to waive further copyright infringement. Nintendo continues to insist that Storman should have been awarded a one-time penalty.

Otherwise, it will be able to one day restore the operations of its RomUniverse site. And with a tariff of $50 a month to pay two million dollars, it would take him more than 3.

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