Nintendo wont raise prices for physical copies amid price hikes at eShop

Nintendo at night raised prices for digital copies of games in the eShop store โ€” The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate went up to 6299 rubles, while other large projects up to 5399 rubles. But not all that bad: the Russian representative of Nintendo in the comment GameMag said that the increase in price of physical copies of games for Switch is not yet planned – which is funny, given that they are up to price hikes were much cheaper than digital options.

โ€œPrices for physical copies of games and other products in the Nintendo World store will not changeโ€ As you know, Nintendos Russian division does not affect the pricing of digital versions of games in Russia – this is done by the European office. However, the office still has an impact on the cost of physical copies.

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