Nioh 2 after release on PS5 fell by 36%

At night, the PS5 and PC premiered the full edition of Nioh 2, along with which Sony reduced the price of the basic edition of the action for PS4 – by 36% to 2849 rubles. Before that, the game was sold for 4499 rubles. Owners Nioh 2 on PS4, recall, can get the PS5 version for free, but the first part for some reason can not be updated.

Also in the sequel you can transfer saves, which can not be done for the original. As a result, now the games of the series can be bought at the following prices in the PS Store: Nioh 2 – 2849 rubles (previously 4499 rubles) full edition Nioh 2 – 4299 rubles (previously 5699 rubles) Nioh + Nioh 2 โ€” 5499 rubles full edition Nioh โ€” 4299 rubles.

On Steam prices below: full edition Nioh โ€” 930 rubles full edition Nioh 2 โ€” 1666 rubles. Nioh 2 released in March 2020 exclusively for PS4, and today reached the PS5 and PC.

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