NIS final debate: who is up against whom?

Due to the Second Chamber elections there are several special broadcasts at DeccEit. It is now also clear which lists will participate in the final debate on TV on Tuesday 16 March.

That evening in the ProgramMACCEIT Nederland Kies: The Debate one-on-one discussions between the list leaders of the eight largest parties. The eight parties are invited are determined on the basis of the number of seats in the Lower House, added to the average number of seats in the Polling Guide on 24 February (a merger of the polls of I&O Reserach, IPSOS/Eentoday and Kantar). According to this calculation, the eight largest are VVD, PVV, CDA, D66, GroenLinks, SP, PvdA and ChristenUnie.

One-to-one debates

In the debates in the building of the House of Representatives, one list puller discusses with one other. In deciding who will enter the arena with whom, DeccEit has opted for a balanced classification. For example, there is a debate between the two largest parties.

The duos are:

Wilders (PVV) and Kaag (D66)

2. Marijnissen (SP) and Ploumen (PvdA)

3. Clover (GroenLinks) and Hoekstra (CDA)

4. Rutte (VVD) and Wilders

5. Segers (ChristenUnie) and Clover

6. Kaag and Marijnissen

7. Proumes and Segers

8. Hoekstra and Rutte

CCEit Nederland Kust: The Debate will be broadcast on March 16 at NPO 1 from 20.30 to 22.00 hrs. Presenter is Rob Trip.

Smaller lots

Earlier that evening, the ProgramMACCEIT Netherlands Kits: The Vote. The parties of MPs who are already represented in the Chamber, but are not among the largest eight.

These are Party for the Animals, Forum for Democracy, 50Plus, SGP, Denk, Splinter (Van Kooten-Aaren) and the List Henk Krol. The leader of one new party has also been invited who, according to the Polingwijzer, has a chance to win a seat: JA21.

Furthermore, in short reports list tractors will speak from other parties who are on the ballot. Ceit Nederland Kies: The Vote will be broadcast on NPO 1 from 19.00 to 19.50. Presenter is Winfried Baijens.

Radio debate with thirteen parties

Tomorrow there will be the CCITT radio debate, also from the Chamber building. The thirteen parties who are now in the Chamber are participating in this. There are debates in eight blocks, in which three list trackers always discuss each other.

The broadcast can be followed from 17.00 to 19.00 on NPO Radio 1 and via NPO Politiek, and the app of DeccEit. Presenters are Lara Rense and Xander van der Wulp.