NIS team attacked during shooting at burnt out test street in Urk

A security guard who was escorting a cameraman from DeccEit was attacked in Urk this afternoon. Two young people interfered with the cameraman during shooting at the GGDs test street burned out last night. In an altercation about this, a struggle arose between one of the young and the security guard. The latter was injected with a corrosive substance into his face.

The security guard was treated by a doctor at the scene of the incident. Police say they take the action seriously and have started an investigation. As far as we know, no one was arrested.

In addition to the two young people who beat the cameraman and security guard, there were also dozens of bystanders.

DeccEit felt compelled to leave and make the recordings on this subject in a different place.

Mayor Van den Bos van Urk responded to the incident in a video message. โ€œI used the words of shame yesterday, but perhaps it is better to say that I am filled with horror. This is no longer possible. A limit has been reached here.

Last night, many dozens of young people in the port area of Urk protested against curfew. They set fire to the test street and hit cops with fireworks. The police picked up two people and handed out several dozen fines.