Nitrogen plant construction delayed again, may require more Groningen gas

The construction of the nitrogen factory in Zuidbroek, Groningen, has been delayed again. State Secretary Vijlbrief for Mining writes to the House of Representatives that the Gasunie informed him that the installation, where foreign gas is made suitable for Dutch households, will not be completed until September. And even that planning may not be feasible.

This may have consequences for the planned closure of the Groningen gas field, but Vijlbrief does not assume that additional Groningen gas has to be pumped up for the time being.

The nitrogen factory was originally scheduled to be completed on April 1 of this year. That was already postponed to 1 July and now to September. According to the Gasunie, this means that the installation in Zuidbroek can no longer be used this gas year, which lasts until 1 October.

‘Difficult to Accept’

In order to fill up the gas reserves for the winter, the Gasunie recommends extracting 1.2 billion cubic meters of extra gas from Groningen. File letter writes that he will not decide on that increase now. He finds this new delay โ€œdifficult to accept especially after the first delayโ€.

The gas extraction in Groningen has led to earthquakes and damage to houses in that area. Why those earthquakes occur, TCCEit explains 3 in this video:

He first wants to talk to the Gasunie to express his dissatisfaction with the delay and to get more explanation about the delay. He also wants to map out what the alternatives are.

The starting point remains to stop gas extraction in Groningen completely as soon as possible, writes the Secretary of State. This means that the extraction will be โ€œon the pilot lightโ€ next year. โ€œThe extraction level is therefore minimal, but may be limited to higher due to these developments.โ€