NK marathon on natural ice can not continue

Due to the coronacrisis this year it is not possible to organize a NK marathon on natural ice. The contest would put too much pressure on care and police.

That‘s what the Cabinet and the Mayor Security Council decided. In the past few days, it was discussed with KNSB to see how the NK could be organised corona-proof on natural ice. But it didn’t work out.

“ We have come to the conclusion that, unfortunately, due to the pressure on care, police and enforcement, it is not possible to organize corona-proof outside a competition,” says a spokesman for Van Ark Thursday evening. This is partly because enforcers are also busy with pleasure skaters who look up all the ice everywhere in the country. Moreover, it is difficult to organize the championship without an audience, because it is not in an area that can be easily closed down.

“ It is a disappointment for everyone: for the KNSB, the marathon skaters, for the public but also for the mayors and the cabinet”, the spokesman says. “Everyone would have liked to see that, now that it finally freezes again, we could have organised a skating competition on natural ice. Very unfortunate!”