No agreement on security regions and cabinet on asylum reception

The 25 security regions and the cabinet have not yet figured out how to solve the problems with accommodating asylum seekers in the coming period. Today they talked about a plan to give status holders – asylum seekers with a temporary residence permit who have been in the Netherlands for longer – places outside the asylum reception.

According to Secretary of State Van der Burg for Asylum Affairs and Chairman Bruls of the Security Regions, there has been urgent discussions but more consultation is needed. They did not want to go further into the content of the plans. โ€œFirst, we will continue to talk about it among themselvesโ€. New consultations will follow later this week.

Secretary of State Van der Burg is at the security meeting to speak with the mayors:

According to Van der Burg, bottlenecks are not the finances, but the staff shortage and the large amount of tasks of municipalities. โ€œWe want an agreement as soon as possible, but it takes a little more time than expected.โ€

โ€œWe need to let the plans fall for a while,โ€ said Safety Region President Bruls. โ€œEveryone now has to look at what one can deliver as a municipality in their own home.โ€


On Friday evening, after the first consultation of the national crisis team, Van der Burg promised that he would quickly seek a more structural solution to improve the flow in asylum reception. For months, there have been major problems with the reception of asylum seekers. Of the 40,000 places in the asylum reception, 15,000 are in use by status holders.

The application center in Ter Apel is crowded, since last week even tents are being set up to prevent asylum seekers from having to sleep outdoors.

The problem is not so much in an increase in the number of asylum seekers. A major complication is that people in Ter Apel cannot leave for other asylum seekers centers (AZCs) because there are no spaces available there. These centers are full of status holders who are waiting for a social rental home.

Read here about the background of the ‘asylum crisis’;

VluchtelingenWerk Nederland is deeply disappointed with the lack of a decision. โ€œThe need is incredibly high. If there are no good agreements about more reception places for asylum seekers, it is a matter of days before we see the terrible situation in Ter Apel from last weeks and days again. The quality of the crisis emergency shelter is also far below par.โ€