No airline wants to bring home Canadian party flight passengers

A group of Canadian tourists broke so many corona rules on a flight to Mexico, that no airline wants to transport the company home. The travelers are stranded in the vicinity of the seaside resort of Cancun. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau has labeled them as barbarians and idiots.

The mostly young travellers were on board a charter flight from Sunwing Airlines on 30 December. Social media shows the loud group dancing, drinking vodka and smoking electric cigarettes — all without a face mask. Due to the misconduct, the airline canceled the return flight on 5 January.

Air Canada and Air Transat dont want the group on board either. Air Transat says on Twitter that part of the group was trying to get on a flight to Canada but was denied by the company. Air Canada says it refuses passengers if it is clear they are among the troublemakers on the Sungwing Airlines flight.

Among the travel company are some well-known Canadian influencers and reality stars. One of the passengers tells AP news agency that she tested positive in Mexico and is in quarantine in a hotel room. She estimates that at least thirty other members of the group are infected.

The Canadian Minister of Transport and the Minister of Health say their ministries are investigating the matter. The group is over the head of a fine of about 4000 euros per person.

Prime Minister Trudeau called the behavior of the travellers very frustrating and a slap in the face of aircrew and anyone who adheres to the measures.