No Ajax delegation during Onana case at CAS: ‘To answer question: no’

Dolf Segaar assists Ajax-keeper Andre Onana when the doping case of the Ajax goalkeeper is dealt with by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) on Wednesday. Onana has summoned Cameroon‘s federal physician as a witness in the case.
That reports Segaar in conversation with De Cceit. โ€œAndre, his wife and Cameroon’
s federal physician, who advised Andre to take an aspirin,โ€ he refers to the witnesses. โ€œIt‘s an online meeting, where the CAS arbitrators, Ferrero (who Osana also defends, rescues) and I, the UEFA and the witnesses are all in a different location.โ€
Segaar also answers the question whether an Ajax delegation is present during the interview. โ€œAjax certainly has an interest. That Onana plays as soon as possible. However, having an interest does not mean that you are a party. So to answer your question: no,โ€ Segaar is clear.
s afraid to tell you exactly when the CAS is going to make a verdict on the Onana case. โ€œI hope that the CAS will give the penalty within a week or at the latest two weeks. Then the substantiation will come laterโ€, concludes Segaar.

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