No cell for rejected Dutch suitor Belgian ex-Miss

The Dutch millionaire Jacobus P. has been sentenced to a two-year suspended sentence for threatening former Miss Belgium Ilse De Meulemeester. He has to pay her a 2000 euro compensation.

The court, writes Het Nieuwsblad, considers an attempted manslaughter by P. not proven. The Belgian public prosecutor‘s office demanded a jail sentence for intentionally driving into the ex-Miss’s Porsche.

The Dutchman, owner of a well-known Antwerp snack bar and a lot of other real estate, became captivated by De Meulemeester in 2013. He showered her with jewels and other pricey gifts, including two Porsches because she couldn‘t choose between.

But the 1994 Miss Belgium had different expectations of the relationship and was harassed for some time by the man who earned a wealth from a deep -frying empire. When she wanted to take her child to school one morning by car, he drove her on several occasions. She left neck complaints and demanded 10,000 euros compensation from P., who dismisses the incident as an accident.

The Belgian Public Prosecutor’s Office had asked the court to impose three years in prison, but it does not go along with that.