No criminal prosecution for journalist of high-profile interview with Diana

The British police say that they do not see any reason to initiate a criminal investigation into BBC journalist Martin Bashir. Bashir was the interviewer against whom Princess Diana openly elaborated on her stalled marriage to Prince Charles in 1995. So she said, โ€œThere are three people in this marriage.โ€ That meant to herself, her husband Prince Charles and his mistress Camilla Parker Bowles.

In the interview with Bashir, Diana explained in detail about her troubled marriage with Charles. The interview was seen by over 22 million people and caused a lot of commotion. Diana and Charles broke up shortly after the interview.

Forged documents

Diana‘s brother, Charles Spencer, has insisted for years on an investigation into how the interview was made. According to Spencer, the BBC journalist had shown him falsified documents suggesting that British royal family staff leaked information about Diana to security services for a fee.

Based on that information, Spencer would have persuaded his sister to participate in the interview with Bashir. The British police have investigated the allegations and have also sought extensive legal advice. On this basis, the police say that they do not see any reason for a criminal investigation or that no further action is being taken.


The timing of the police decision is saillant: Sunday the interview that the American talk show host Oprah Winfrey had with Prince Harry, Diana’s youngest son, along with his wife Meghan, will be broadcast.

Prior to that interview, Meghan was accused of bullying. She would have made life miserable by her staff at Kensington Palace. The British royal family has now announced that it is investigating the matter. Meghan speaks of a slander campaign.