No day without Messi in Barcelona: no news is big news either

The more vague the signals are about the future of Lionel Messi, the more there is speculation about the Argentine star soccer player. A visit of father and agent Jorge Messi to Barcelona cranked up the rumor mill again.

“Difficult”, Messi senior found it to say something meaningful now about the future of his son. He used the word a total of three times, to emphasize the seriousness of the situation.

Jorge Messi landed on Wednesday under great interest in Barcelona, where he would consult with the club that wants 700 million euros for his captain. Messi wants to leave. He didn’t show up for the coronation test on Sunday and missed the first practice sessions led by the new coach Ronald Koeman. Messi also has not yet exchanged a word with the club where he grew up, which says it will do everything it can to keep him

Every day live blogs

It’s a soap opera that is very football loving Spain. Every day live blogs are filled with the latest developments. No news is big news either.

“At Manchester City we haven’t started preparing yet, so nothing has been said about the arrival of Messi”, says Eric García, a Catalan in English service whose words are eagerly picked up.

Manchester City would like to incorporate Messi and would even have devised a construction to cough up the aforementioned 700 million. The investment company City Football Group would like to contract him for five years, after which Messi would first play three years in the Premier League and then two more seasons at sister club New York City FC in the American Major League Soccer.

Bartomeu’s car

But maybe he’ll stay in Barcelona after all. A reporter from the Catalan branch of radio station SER spotted the car of chairman Josep Maria Bartomeu in front of the house of Jorge Messi.

Really, Bartomeu wasn’t in the car at all. After a short stop the vehicle drove on again. After some research it turned out that the license plate didn’t match that of the Barça-preses either, but at least there was some commotion again.

The only thing Jorge Messi said on this long day was, “I didn’t talk to Pep.” Pep is Josep Guardiola, Manchester City’s trainer. But what isn’t, of course, can still come.

Chaos at the club

Meanwhile, all opinions are widely measured, such as that of Frenkie de Jong in front of the camera of the CCeit. His observation that the club was in chaos did reach the international media.

Frenkie de Jong about the crisis at Barcelona:

In Spain they prefer Messi to stay, even with the big rival. “He makes the competition better, his team better and the classics better,” said Sergio Ramos, captain of Real Madrid. Because even during a press conference about the national team of Spain, in preparation for the Nations League, it was about Messi again.

At the end of the day sports newspaper Marca comes with the contemplative article ‘What Jorge Messi had to say when he arrived in Barcelona’. And this is what he had to tell the press: “I don’t know anything, guys.”

And so not a day goes by without Messi, even if it’s quiet at the front.