No extra money for care bonus, opposition stands empty-handed

The demissionary cabinet does not need to allocate an extra 765 million euros for a bonus for the care staff. A proposal from all thirteen opposition parties did not gain a majority in the House of Representatives just now.

Dismissionary Minister Van Ark for Medical Care will shortly decide on the exact amount of the net bonus and which healthcare workers will receive this amount. It is about an amount between 200 and 240 euros net for all healthcare workers, or 500 euros net for a limited group who work a lot with coronapatics.


The amount of the care bonus for 2021 was firmly discussed last week during the debate on the corona-approach of the Cabinet following a letter from Van Ark. In that letter, she outlined her dilemma regarding the promised appreciation for the hard work of the care staff.

In total, the Cabinet has released 720 million euros for the care bonus this year, and that is not enough to give all healthcare workers 500 euros net. The amount can also be distributed among all health care staff, but then the bonus comes to an amount between 200 and 240 euros.


The opposition was disgraceful. SP leader Marijnissen found it incomprehensible that the cabinet spends up as much as a billion euros for experiments with pilot events. PVV leader Wilders did not understand the โ€œmiserinessโ€ of the cabinet.

Minister Van Ark said that the cabinet is demissionary and therefore cannot spend extra money. She also stressed that last year more than EUR 2 billion was spent on a little extra for the care staff. In 2020, all employees received an amount of about 1000 euros.

The opposition motion for additional financial resources reached 72 votes, not a majority. Minister Van Ark will soon tell you how she will distribute the current amount.

Chances are that the Minister will opt for a lower amount for all employees. In the debate last week, she expressed her preference for that option, but a final decision has not yet been taken.