No fear of PSV-back Max: ‘He can go after me’

Sven Mijnans is looking forward to the first top game he can play at The Castle. On Saturday night PSV will visit and the attacking midfielder will hope to fight Philipp Max.

The German left-back of the Eindhovenaren would become the direct opponent of Mijnans. The reporter of RTV Rijnmond asks if the 20-year-old Spartan is not afraid that he often has to run after Max. โ€œNo,โ€ he says laughing. โ€œHe can go after me!โ€
The talented midfielder thinks he can learn a lot from the game against PSV. โ€œIt‘s really cool to be able to compete against PSV in your own stadium, where you’ve been playing and training for three years. That‘s gonna be the biggest game I’ve ever played in this stadium. That‘s delicious. I’ve already been able to play against them and it‘s just a different level than I’m used to. But that will make you better.โ€
PSV has not won in 2021 and hopes to change it on Saturday night at Hen Kasteel. There will be kicked off at 18.45 in Rotterdam-West.