No festival, yet an unexpected fireworks show in Scheveningen

The International Fireworks Festival Scheveningen was to be celebrated grandly this year, as it celebrates its 40th anniversary. Because of corona, this event was also cancelled. But the organisation had a surprise in store for them tonight. Around 9.30 p.m. the sky above the coast was illuminated by about a hundred drones and followed by popping fireworks, reports Omroep West.

It was the second year in a row that the festival could not take place. Last year it was cancelled because it could not meet the safety requirements. “We are of course disappointed that after last year the event could not take place in its original form again this year, but we are very happy that we managed to find a suitable alternative. Hopefully we have already been able to warm up The Hague for the next edition”, said an optimistic Bjorn van Dijl, of Stichting International Vuurwerkfestival Scheveningen.

“Hybrid form of fireworks

People who were in Scheveningen tonight first saw a special show with the theme 75 years Freedom. Concepts such as freedom, liberation, pride and victory were symbolically portrayed. Over a hundred drones in red-white-blue colors took off from the beach of Scheveningen. During the show they formed a green-yellow heart “to all residents, entrepreneurs and care providers in The Hague. This hybrid form of fireworks and drones offers opportunities for the future”, said The Hague economics alderman Saskia Bruines.

Click on the image below to watch a video of the drone show on Twitter.

After the drones there were also real fireworks, with the Scheveningen Pier as the centre of light.