No, Gears of War and Lawbreakers author Cliff Blezinski hasnt announced a new game

Some Western and domestic media took notice of Cliff Blezinski‘s tweet about working on new intellectual property — and for some reason they became sure the speech was about the game. “NEWS! I’m officially working with [comic book author] Alex de Campi and [comic book artist] Sandi Jarell on a new IP. That‘s all I can say yet.

Working with them is one fantastic! “In subsequent replays, he pointed out the obvious — it’s not about a new game, but a comic. Cliff Blezinski is best known for the Gears of War trilogy.

After the third part was released, he retired from Epic Games and started his own studio where he made a competitive shooter, LawBreakers, but he fell through with a crack. After that, the developer announced his retirement from the industry.

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