No legal weed in Luxembourg yet

The plan to legalize the production, sale and use of cannabis in Luxembourg is off the road. The Grand Duchy wanted to be the first country in Europe to legalize weed completely.

The Coalition of Liberals, Social Democrats and Greens included the plan in the coalition agreement in 2018. Legalization should help fight drug crime. To monitor the quality of the product, the production and sales of cannabis would be monitored.

But this week health minister Paulette Lenert announced in the media that the plan will not continue for the time being. Legal barriers in European regulations would make it impossible to fully legalise soft drugs.


Behind the scenes, according to Luxembourg media, has been rumbling in the drug file for a long time. After two ministers have been replaced, the legalization project has been put on the back burner and outsourced to working groups, writes the Luxemburger Wort. Neighbouring countries were also unenthusiastic about the plans in the Grand Duchy.

Alternatively, the government of Liberal Prime Minister Xavier Bettel does want to allow the cultivation of small amounts of cannabis for private consumption. The left-wing opposition party Dรฉi Lรฉnk is disappointed and speaks of a ‘missed opportunity’ for farmers โ€œwho could have found a way to diversify their assortment in cannabis cultivation.โ€