No majority for consumer fireworks total ban bill

Every year, hundreds of people with injuries, animals in stress and panic, emergency workers who are overburdened and terrified, a lot of destruction and pollution for nature: for GroenLinks and the Party for the Animals every reason to ban consumer fireworks, but this evening, the House of Representatives clearly that a ban is not in place.

Government parties CDA and VVD are against, as are the PVV, Forum for Democracy, the Group Van Haga, JA21, the BBB and the SP. On another day, debate and voting go even further, and some parties are still in doubt, but it is already clear that with 86 voters against and 64 voters in favour of it, it is not a viable card.


the contrary, GroenLinks and the PvdD argue that the benefits of this annual party no longer outweigh the disadvantages, and came up with a bill that regulates that all consumer fireworks are banned.

A majority of municipalities in our country agree with them: two out of three municipalities want to get rid of consumer fireworks altogether, according to research earlier this year. The municipalities consider the damage caused by setting off fireworks too great.

But opponents of the ban in the House say that an overall ban on consumer fireworks solves nothing at all.

The last turn of the year, due to corona, there was a one-off general ban. According to the SP, without that ban, the coming New Years Eve also apply much stricter rules and it is now in practice โ€œthe last leftover consumer fireworksโ€.

The party believes that it is now necessary to first look at how these rules are going. There is a problem, says MP Van Nispen, especially with โ€œyoung men who cannot control themselvesโ€. But adopting this proposal is not going to solve anything, he thinks, because it does not eliminate the problems with illegal fireworks.

CCEit op 3 explains in this video how the fireworks policy has changed in recent years:

Government parties CDA and VVD are also not convinced and do not intend to announce an overall ban on New Years Eve from the government. CDA MP Knops says his party does not deny the risks of fireworks but points to โ€œnumerous measures that have already been takenโ€.

Wybren van Haga of the Haga Group does not understand why โ€œthe patronizing state would let us take away our freedomโ€. He doesnt see why all the starlets and fireworks arrows should no longer be allowed when things go wrong because of โ€œwrong behavior of peopleโ€. At the same time, the illegal bombs will continue to come at you, he said. CDA worker Knops also thinks that the problems with illegal fireworks are getting bigger after a total ban.

PvdA member De Hoop thinks exactly the opposite, he thinks that the illegal fireworks can be maintained much better with an overall ban. But it will not come to that for the time being: the debate will continue next week, but a majority will not support the proposal.