No Mans Sky new expedition features plot and huge worms

The authors of No Mans Sky have unveiled a new expedition, Emergence, where the plot – and huge worms – first appeared. According to the link, Titanium Worms began to appear on different planets for mysterious reasons. They spoil the landscape, poison the land and generally behave not too friendly.

In particular, the player will have to go to Vasan to deal with the worm problem, but this will not be limited to this. As part of the investigation, travellers will have to examine the history of an ancient and dark cult that has very deep roots.

In addition, various improvements and upgrades have been added to the game along with the expedition. Users will not only be able to fight worms, but use them as vehicles and collect them their pets.

As the network has already noted, the game authors love for โ€œDuneโ€ is hard to miss. The update itself is already available for free on all platforms.

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