No more news on Facebook for Australian users

Facebook is restricting publishers in Australia because of a new media law. Australian users will no longer see news in their timeline, and publishers will no longer be able to share messages via the social media platform, as the company announced and has now implemented. As a result, international media are no longer visible for Australian users.

The American company is taking the step according to its own accord because of the new Australian media law, which obliges Internet giants to enter into agreements with media companies. In practice, this would mean that companies like Google and Facebook will have to pay for showing content from other companies. It is expected that the Australian parliament will vote on the law in a few weeks.

Facebook believes that the proposal fundamentally misjudged the relationship between tech platforms and publishers. The company says that last year, thanks to Facebook, Australian publishers earned some 407 million Australian dollars, converted some 250 million euros. But news sites, TV stations and newspapers feel that they are entitled to a fee, because their articles and videos generate revenue for platforms like Facebook.

Google concludes agreements

the end of last month, Google also threatened to intervene if Australia passed the new law. The company called the new law unworkable.

Today, Google signed an agreement with News Corp., publisher of a large number of Australian newspapers. Previously, Google already made similar deals with publishers in the UK, Germany, France, Brazil and Argentina.