“No need to worry about loose minks in Best

The municipality of Best says that residents do not have to worry about loose minks. The animals are not infected with corona, the municipality explains.

Yesterday it turned out that residents of the village of Brabant are worried about minks walking around the neighborhood just like that. “Soon a dog or a small child will be bitten and will have corona. We all don’t want that,” said Soraya van de Crommert.

The congregation acknowledges that elsewhere in Brabant one after the other infection is found at a mink farm. But the only farm in Best is at a considerable distance from the infected farms, says the spokesman. There are now 47 mink farms in the Netherlands infected.

Jago Lachmeijer from Best had to deal with a mink in his garden: when he came home on Thursday afternoon, he found one of his chickens dead:

The fact that the animals occasionally run loose is not so conspicuous, says the municipal spokesperson. “Occasionally one of them escapes. Usually we call in the hunter’s association: they set a trap so that the animal can be caught alive and brought back”

The congregation says “to understand that people might be looking at this differently now. But there is no reason for unrest at the moment”.