No pardon Trump for Giuliani and Bannon and not for himself

United States President Donald Trump is not going to pardon his two confidants Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon, several sources have said Monday. According to them, rapper Lil Wayne can count on a presidential pardon decision.

Trump is expected to issue more than a hundred pardon decisions that eliminate or reduce penalties on Wednesday. According to two sources involved in the debates surrounding the pardon decisions, Trump would have been persuaded not to grant preventive pardon to himself and his family members. He would have planned that at first to prevent him or his family from getting after his presidency justice.

Rapper Lil Wayne, who is a fan of Trump and is allegedly pardoned, was found guilty last month for landing in Miami with a loaded gold pistol in his pocket with a chartered plane in 2019. He‘s a 10-year prison sentence over his head. Last year, the rapper put a picture of himself with Trump on his Twitter page and praised Trump’s policy with black Americans. Sheldon Silver also reportedly can count on Trump‘s pardon. Silver (76) was convicted of corruption in 2015. He was previously president of the New York State House of Representatives.

Not on the list

Giuliani and Bannon, who were speculated to be pardoned, are not on the list according to the sources. Giuliani has been acting as Trump’s personal attorney over the past few months and has worked to convince people of Trump‘s unproven claims of Democrat election fraud.

Steve Bannon advised Trump around the 2016 elections and then became a White House consultant. Bannon (66) is suspected of embezzling money from the We build the wall foundation, which raised money for the wall promised by Trump along the Mexican border.


Reportedly, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange does not have to count on pardon either. The United States wants Assange to be extradited by the United Kingdom so that he can stand trial for breaking into American government computers and breaking spy law. A British judge ruled two weeks ago that Assange should not be extradited to the US.

One day before Joe Biden’s inauguration, Washington holds its breath. The panic is reminiscent of 9/11, says Amerikaexpert Willem Post in a new episode of the podcast ‘Over hop’: