No Place for Bravery to come out on Nintendo Switch and on Steam at the end of the year

Independent Brazilian studio Glitch Factory, backed by publishing house Ysbryd Games, called a release date for a two-dimensional role-playing game overlooking No Place for Bravery from above. As previously stated, it will premiere on Nintendo Switch and Steam in 2021, but only in the fourth quarter. The exact date is not yet determined.

The world of No Place for Bravery is based on Norse mythology, its fantasy world Dur captured and half destroyed by the Titans. Our protagonist, former soldier Thorne, has not been involved in battles for a long time.

But here he learns that his missing daughter is alive, and goes searching. The games battle system is based on parry and quick reaction.

Our hero is a crackle versus opponents, and any mistake will be meaningful. Players are promised high-quality visuals, an exhilarating soundtrack, tense fighting moments and a deep and moving story with moral dilemmas and meaningful solutions.

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