No prosecution Akwasi after renunciation of Black Peters ruling

The verdict of Akwasi during the Black Lives Matter demonstration in Amsterdam, is inflammatory and therefore punishable, according to the Public Prosecution Service. But because the rapper publicly distanced himself from his inflammatory words, the case against him has been shelved conditionally.

“The moment I see a Black Pete in November, I personally kick him in the face, Akwasi said in his speech on 1 June during the protest on Dam Square, among other things.

The rapper has today distanced himself from his statements on Twitter

The Public Prosecutors Office is of the opinion that Akwasi incited the commission of a criminal offence, namely the maltreatment of a person dressed as Black Pete. And even though he indicated that he would do so personally, according to the Public Prosecutors Office he has an exemplary function with which he has given others the idea of committing violence himself.

The verdict was followed by 44 charges against the 32-year-old rapper in which he was accused of inciting hatred and violence, the police said.

This is the Akwasi ruling in question:

Withdrawing words

Akwasi had a meeting with his lawyer and the public prosecutor on 26 August. The rapper stated that he had no intention of inciting violence. The Public Prosecutor proposed a conditional closure of the case if Akwasi withdrew his words. That is what he did.

“I would like to emphasise unequivocally that this (the use of violence) was not the intention of this imagery. I am against any form of violence, and that also applies to violence against Black Pete”, writes Akwasi in his statement on Twitter. “I hereby distance myself from this passage, spoken out on Dam Square

PVV leader Wilders does not agree with the verdict:

According to the Public Prosecution Service, if the rapper commits another offence within a year, he must still answer for it, and for this offence as well.

Akwasi himself also reported to the police because he was threatened after the anti-racism protest.

Old tweets

Last week, the Amsterdam-Ghanese rapper came into disrepute again after old Twitter messages from him about the murder of Zwarte Piet turned up. Akwasi denied being responsible for this, but in his statement he now also distances himself from these statements.

The Public Prosecution Service claims to be aware of those old tweets, about which reports have now been filed with the police.