No public at Formula 1 in 2021? Zandvoort doesn’t want to think about it yet

They had imagined it differently in Zandvoort. A summer of afterglow has become a summer of waiting. The return of Formula 1 to the Netherlands in 2020 was made impossible by the coronavirus, the hope is established on 2021 for a grand prix in the dunes.

But for that grand prix you need an audience, an audience that brings money. Tens of millions have been invested, partly to refurbish the circuit, but also to meet the so-called entrance fee, money to be able to organize a Formula 1 race at all.

‘We need visitors’

Much of that money has to be recouped from ticket sales. A race in 2020 without an audience, which was not welcome due to the corona measures, turned out to be simply not profitable for the grand prix organization.

“We need the visitors to get the investment back”, says circuit director Robert van Overdijk.

Look at the interviews with Van Overdijk and Jan Lammers in the video carousel below:

He doesn’t want to think about a scenario that there won’t be an audience next year either. “There’s no point in us speculating.”

“We stick to the calendar for the next three years. We have loyal sponsors and huge fans for those years. It’s exciting, but we’re waiting patiently.”

Autosportfederatie FIA presents the calendar for the new season only in autumn, it is expected that Zandvoort will get a place again in May.

Jan Lammers, former rider and sports director of the Dutch Grand Prix, also takes into account a scenario that Formula 1 will not visit his hometown until later in the year.

“The race is a family celebration, you still want that. If that wasn’t possible in May, we could consider a race without an audience, but you don’t want to think about that. If you can do it later in the year, you’ll have to think about it.”

But what if, in the autumn of 2021, there can’t be an audience in the dunes either? Lammers: “We must remain positive. At the moment it’s too premature to look at that.”