No shining Bertens in Madrid this year; gravel tournament cancelled

Sparkling at the prestigious Madrid Open, that’s not in it for Kiki Bertens this year. The men’s and women’s gravel tournament, which was to start on September 12th, has been cancelled.

The rise of the coronavirus in the Spanish capital threw – again – soot in the balance. Normally the event takes place in May. “We have to take our responsibility”, the organization said.

Bertens can only win in Madrid

Bertens captured her biggest title so far at last year’s Madrid Open, which in terms of prestige is just behind the grandslam tournaments. It also earned her fourth place in the world rankings.

Also the virtual version of the Madrid Open, which was organized during the first peak of the corona crisis, was won behind the game console by Bertens.

The Madrid Open was to take place immediately after the US Open and was a prelude to Roland Garros on the tight calendar, starting September 27th.

The ATP and WTA will see if the gaping hole on the game calendar can somehow be filled. “We’ll come up with an update soon”, let the players unions know.

Earlier this week, international tennis was restarted with the WTA tournament in Palermo. The US Open is still scheduled for 31 August, even though one player after the other has already signed out.