No survivors after plane crash in eastern Russia

A small traffic plane crashed in the far east of Russia. None of the 28 occupants survived the crash, reports Russian State Aviation Agency.

The plane debris were found five kilometers away from Palana airport along the sea of Ochotsk. The plane was on its way to that airport. Earlier reports reported that the aircraft had crashed into the sea.

The governor of the Kamchatka Peninsula now tells Interfax news agency that the hull of the aircraft was found on land and other parts of the sea.

Lost contact with traffic control

The AN-26 Antonov was engaged in a regional flight from Petropavlovsk to Palana, when contact with the traffic control was lost and the aircraft disappeared from the radar. Both places are on Kamchatka. The Mayor of Palana was also aboard the plane.

Before landing in Palana, things went wrong. Two helicopters and an airplane were looking forward to the aircraft. This is a twin-engine aircraft, which was built in 1982, reports the Russian Ministry responsible. According to Interfax news agency, the weather was cloudy in the area.

The AN-26 is an old, twin-engine aircraft that came on the market as early as 1969. In total, more than 1400 were produced by Ukrainian aircraft manufacturer Antonov. They were often used as a military transport aircraft.

A number of accidents have happened over the years, an AN-26 accident in Ukraine last year. It killed 26 people.