No survivors fire in my Russia: 52 deaths

The total number of deaths due to the fire in the Listvjazhnaya mine in Central Russia comes to 52, including six rescuers. The TASS state news agency reports that. A source of the emergency services reports that no one survived the fire.

According to an emergency service source, the fire started in a ventilation shaft, which allowed the smoke to spread through the mine.

Initially, the death toll was estimated at least eleven miners and it was said that 46 miners were still stuck in the mine. Later it turned out that the eleven victims had been counted, and the number of missing persons was adjusted to 35.

In a rescue operation, almost 240 people would have been put to safety. That rescue operation stopped at the end of the morning due to the risk of explosion. Earlier in the day, due to large amounts of smoke, it was difficult for rescuers to get to the miners.

Director arrested

Russian Deputy Attorney General says the fire most likely resulted from a methane explosion caused by a spark, reports AP.

The Interfax news agency reports that a commission of inquiry has begun a criminal investigation into the fire for breach of safety regulations. The director of the mine and two other senior officials have been arrested. Regional officials have declared three days of mourning.