No trouble with Feyenoord-wage offering: ‘If we can help, we like to do so. ‘

Where a number of Feyenoord players are struggling to accept a second wage offering, that is absolutely not true for Francesco Antonucci. The Belgian, currently active on a rental basis at FC Volendam, states that it is necessary.

Antonucci is asked about the current financial situation of Feyenoord and honestly admits that a wage sacrifice is no problem for him. A number of Feyenoord players are allegedly investigating whether there is a possibility of taking legal action against the decision, but Antonucci does not seem to be aware of that.
โ€œWe just have to do this with all playersโ€, Antonucci is clear in front of the camera of NH Sport. โ€œI like it for the club. It is necessary, a difficult period for everyone. If we can help, we will be happy to do so,โ€ says Antonucci, who understands that Feyenoord is losing a lot of money now that there are no supporters present at the matches. โ€œThere is always a lot of audience, it is a really difficult period. Everyone understands that, everyone is well engaged in the club and wants to help the club.โ€

รโ€œ โ€ฐ Franco Antonucci hired by @fcvolendam of @Feyenoord understands that the Rotterdam club asks players to return their salary. #loonoffer #feyenoord #grofeyMeer over #voljaj check the link below! รฐรฟโ€ก
โ€” NH Sport (@NHSport_) February 22, 2021