‘No Vlachodimos for Ajax’

Odisseas Vlachodimos was well on his way to Ajax, but Benfica‘s goalkeeper doesn’t seem to be coming to Amsterdam after all. This is reported by club watcher Freek Jansen, while Ajax twitterer Gerjan Hamstelaar makes a connection with the Supervisory Board.
In the absolute end of the transfer window, Ajax still wanted to bring Vlachodimos to Amsterdam. Although the national champion reached an agreement with Benfica about the transfer, the move does not seem to take place. โ€œThey were excited, but it doesn‘t look like he’s coming,โ€ says Jansen in Voetbal International‘s live show. โ€œThis is also something where Ajax should have acted sharply beforehand. I don’t expect a press release on this before 00:00.โ€
According to Jansen, the transition of Lucas Ocampos has more priority for Ajax. โ€œThey are working on Vlachodimos, but I think it is more important that Ocampos is completed before the deadline. Ajax does not excel at getting the well-known paperwork in order quickly.โ€
On Twitter, Ajax twitterer Hamstelaar, who is often right, says that the Supervisory Board is a blockade in the transfer of Vlachodimos. โ€œThe Supervisory Board initially rejected this deal, as they did at Ocampos first,โ€ it sounds like.

๐Ÿ—ฃ – A house full of visits, but still an update.The Supervisory Board initially rejected this deal as they did at Ocampos first. They will have their reasons for this. Perhaps something will change in the coming hours, we will continue to follow it โณ
โ€” Gerjan Hamstelaar (@Hamstelaar) August 31, 2022