No World Cup for Vant Schip

John van‘t Ship and his Greece can definitely put the World Cup out of the head. The 0-1 home defeat against Spain will prevent the Greeks from making the playoffs, and La Roja suddenly makes La Roja the biggest contender on a direct ticket to the final tournament.
Greece – Spain 0-1To take full advantage of Sweden’
s point loss in Georgia, the Spanish had to reach a three-point at the hostile Olympic Stadium in Athens. That would not be easy, especially because the formation of national coach John van‘t Schip also had a small chance at the World Cup and to keep that dream alive had to win from Spain.
That didn’
t happen eventually. Pablo Sarabia took care of 0-1 from the dot in the first half after a very questionable penalties and after halftime, when the Greeks got bolder and really under pressure Spain, there were no more goals. As a result, Spain is moving towards the crucial match against Sweden this Sunday, in which they have enough point at home in Seville to make it to the World Cup.

Spain climbs past Sweden ๐Ÿ” Pablo Sarabia shoots hit from 11 meters ๐Ÿ‘Œ #ZiggoSport #WCQ2022 #GREESP
โ€” Ziggo Sports Football (@ZS_Voetbal) November 11, 2021

Germany – Liechtenstein 9-0Die Mannschaft had already secured a World Cup ticket during the previous international period and was thus able to use the match against Liechtenstein to try it out. The visitors from the dwarf state were no match for the Germans and after eight minutes it was completely over and closed. Jens Hofer almost kicked off a German‘s head and was sent away with red.
After that, our eastern neighbors started scoring. Within half an hour there was a 4-0 standings on the board, which was due to goals of Ilkay Gรผndogan, Leroy Sanรฉ, Marco Reus and a Liechtenstein goal. In the second half, Thomas Mรผller (twice), Ridle Baku and Sanรฉ made the goals and partly because of another goal, the counter stirred 9-0, which Mannschaft will play the last World Cup qualifier for the emperors beard on Sunday in Armenia.

Ridle Baku with the most beautiful for Germany (so far) ๐Ÿ‘Œ The goalkeeper can only look at it ๐Ÿ‘€ #ZiggoSport #WCQ #GERLIE
โ€” Ziggo Sports Football (@ZS_Voetbal) November 11, 2021

Ireland – Portugal 0-0Whatever the results of the Dublin match, Portugal already knew that it will play against Serbia for direct placement for the World Championship this Sunday. It could only provide a better starting position and it had enough to do so. A tie against Dusan Tadic’s Serbs is enough for Portugal to finish first place in poule A. That must be without Pepe, because it got a red card.
Other resultsSlovakia โ€” Slovenia 2-2 Romania โ€” Iceland 0-0 Malta โ€” Croatia 1-7