Nobel Prize for Touch, Warmth and Cold Research

This years Nobel Prize in Medicine is going to American David Julius and Lebanese American Ardem Patapoutian for their research into the human bodys perception of cold, warmth and touches.

โ€œThese sensations are self-evident to us, but how can we experience temperatures and touches? That question has been resolved by this years prize winners,โ€ says the Nobel Prize Committee.

Chili pepper

David Julius used an ingredient from chili pepper to find the sensor in skin nerves that senses heat. Ardem Patapoutian discovered sensors in the skin and organs that respond to pressure differences.

Their findings have led us to understand much better how to perceive cold, heat and mechanical incentives, says the jury.

Pain Relief

The discoveries of the laureates may be able to help people with pain symptoms. โ€œThere are many medical problems that involve pain,โ€ said Nils-Gรถran Larsson, chairman of the Nobel Committee at this award.

According to neurologist and committee member Per Svenningsson, the chili pepper ingredient capsaicin is already being used to combat pain. โ€œIf you have had shingles and then pain, capsaicin is now used in the clinic.โ€

According to Svenningsson, there is also an attempt to develop medicines for chronic pain that target a receptor David Julius discovered.

1 million euros

Apart from a lot of honor and recognition, the Nobel Prize brings a lot of money. Julius and Patapoutian are allowed to distribute a cash prize of almost 1 million euros.

Later this week, the winners of the Nobel Prizes for Physics, Chemistry, Literature and Peace will be announced. Next Monday, the price for economy will follow.