Nobody Saves the World will not be released until 2022, but with co-op

Studio Drinkbox, known for the Guacamelee series, announced the postponement of the release of fantasy role-playing action thriller Nobody Saves the World. The game will not be released this year as previously planned. It will not premiere until early 2022.

And to make it easier for fans of the game to cope with the news, developers have announced a new opportunity: Nobody Saves the World will feature online co-op. It is introduced in the new trailer.

Players will be able to perform quests and fight in dungeons, calling for help from a friend at any time. It will be possible to combine the abilities of classes to improve their combat effectiveness.

The co-op uses single saves, so you can connect and disable on the fly. Nobody Saves the World will go to Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC.

From day one, the game will be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers. More on Game Bum Simulator paid off only half To Lost Judgement seem to be preparing a demo In new King Arthur trailer: Knights Tale told about game mechanics.