Nocturnal coalition talks on support package and budget, no white smoke yet

The negotiations between the governing parties VVD, CDA, D66 and ChristenUnie and the cabinet continued until early in the night. On the agenda were the third support package for the corona crisis and the budget for 2021.

Rutte did indicate what the priorities are:

The Cabinet must now get to work with everything that has been discussed, sources say. Rutte: “Everything is aimed at combating the health crisis and ensuring that the country emerges as strong as possible from the crisis.”

The ministers Koolmees and Wiebes will continue their consultations later today with the social partners, trade unions and employers. Rutte thinks that they can agree with the proposed measures.

Plants leaked

Yesterday, parts of the plans already leaked out. In this way, the self-employment deduction, a tax benefit for small entrepreneurs, will be phased out in stages with a temporary compensation scheme.

The aid scheme for self-employed persons (the ‘TOZO’) will be extended until 1 July 2021, but will be made stricter. In addition to the partner test, which looks at the partner’s income, there will also be a check on the self-employed person’s equity in order to qualify for the aid.

The special support for flex workers who are not eligible for welfare or WW will disappear. This was already intended as a one-off compensation.

Complex budget