Norman Reedus: Talks under way to create Death Stranding 2

Norman Reedus said in an interview with Brazils AdoroCinema that negotiations are underway to create a Death Stranding sequel. โ€œIt seems were going to take a second Death Stranding. Now there are talks about the game.

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. hooray! โ€ .

At the moment, Kojima Productions is putting the final touches on the directors version of the PlayStation 5 original โ€” it will be released on 24 September and will include new story assignments, gameplay mechanics and other bonuses, including items on Half-Life and Cyberpunk 2077. Before this news, it was rumoured that Hideo Kojima is negotiating with Microsoft to create a new game โ€” its supposedly planned to be done using cloud technology.

Death Stranding is owned by Sony, so Kojimas studio wont be able to make a sequel to Microsofts money โ€” or the team will work on two projects, or the Microsoft deal still hasnt taken place. More on Game WoW Players: Shadowlands to be given easy to change covenants and skip prologue in Womb In new Tails of Iron trailer revealed Princes sad fate Strategy Iron Conflict has become shareware.