North and west of Germany, like the Netherlands, burdened by snow

Not only in the Netherlands there is a nuisance from the snow. The snow also leads to dangerous situations and inconveniences in the west and in the north of Germany. At least 28 motorists have been injured on the slippery roads, says the police.

The German weather service calls on people to stay at home. Homeless people are housed in shelters. As in the Netherlands, rail traffic in parts of Germany is also flat. There are no trains between Hamburg and Hanover and between Berlin and the west of the country. Traffic traffic is particularly affected by the accumulation of powder snow.

In the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, bordering the Netherlands, lorries are not allowed to enter the road until 8 p.m. In the adjacent Land of Hesse, 55 trucks were stuck in the snow.

Also you didnt have much of winter tyres, says the German Road Guard:

The football match in the Bundesliga between Arminia Bielefeld and Werder Bremen was cancelled a few hours before kick-off. โ€œBecause of the continuing snowfall combined with the frost, we cannot guarantee that the match will continue normally,โ€ said the German Football Association.

In Mรผnster fell to thirty centimeters of snow. As a result, ambulances could no longer be on the road. All public transport in that city has been shut down. In some parts of the city there are heaps of snow over a metre high.

In Wuppertal, six passengers were taken from a glider tram. They were taken out of the train with ladders. And in Hagen, a circus tent succumbed under the weight of the snow. The fire department was able to save the 13 animals that were in the tent. Seven horses, two camels, two goats and two llamas were saved without injury.