North Korea accuses Biden of hostile policies

The United States, under President Biden, has a hostile North Korea policy and will be repaid with the same currency. This is what the North Korean State Department says in response to Biden, who described North Korea‘s nuclear programme as a serious threat to global security earlier this week in the US Congress.

According to the Ministry, Biden’s statements on the nuclear programme are ‘unacceptable’ and ‘a big blunder’. His statement clearly demonstrates his commitment to adhering to the hostile policy that the US has had towards North Korea for over half a century, the Ministry said.

Criticism that Biden allegedly expressed about the human rights situation in North Korea is also criticised by the department, reports the North Korean state agency KCNA. Although it is unclear what criticism is referred to, this comment by the US President is interpreted as a provocation to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

‘US out on force measurement’

A spokesperson for the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that Kim has been compromised in his dignity by the criticism. Biden would also have shown that the US is preparing for a full showdown, which can count on a North Korean response. The White House has not responded to the reports from North Korea.

To date, the country had not openly recognised Biden as the new President of the US. Shortly before the start of Biden‘s presidency, Kim had declared America to be North Korea’s greatest enemy in a speech. He said he was going to expand his country‘s nuclear arsenal, but he also said he was open to diplomatic consultations.

Since about mid-February, the Biden government was actively trying to establish diplomatic contact with North Korea, with unknown results. Bid’s predecessor, Trump, spoke to Kim personally at three summits, but leaders did not agree to make firm commitments on the North Korean nuclear programme or US sanctions against North Korea.

Anti-North Koreaflyers

North Korea was not only critical of the US this time. Kim Yo-jong, Kim Jong-un‘s sister, says she thinks South Korea is not doing enough to fight anti-North Korean aflyers. Earlier activists had announced that they had made such flyers fly over the border with balloons. According to Kim’s sister, this is a serious provocation which can also count on a counter-reaction.