North Korea and Malaysia on an extradition collision course: ‘Super large enemy action’

North Korea has closed its embassy in Malaysia and brought all its diplomats home. The two countries have ended up in a diplomatic riot because of the extradition of a North Korean to the US.

Pyonyang broke all diplomatic ties with Malaysia last week. The Kuala Lumpur government then gave North Korean diplomats 48 hours to leave the country.

Today, the North Korean flag was ironed at the embassy and unscrewed its nameplate. After that, two buses with staff and their families left for the airport.

“Super-great enemy act.”

Malaysia delivered to the US a North Korean citizen who has lived in the country for years. He was arrested in 2019 for violating the international trade embargo against the regime by supplying luxury goods to his native country.

North Korea calls the allegations ‘absurd fabrications’ and swears that the US will pay a price for them. It accused Malaysia of a “supermassive enemy act” and speaks of a “conspiracy between the enemy US and slavish Malaysia, intended to isolate and smother our country”.

Murdered half-brother

Malaysia stresses that an independent judge has approved extradition and calls the North Korean reaction ‘enemy and non-constructive’. Since the country has been diplomatic with North Korea since 2017, there was no embassy staff left to withdraw from Pyongyang.

In 2017, the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was murdered at Kuala Lumpur Airport. Because the Korean regime is held responsible for this, Malaysia put its diplomatic relations on a low burner.