North Korea fires anti-aircraft missile

North Korea has fired a โ€œnewly developedโ€ anti-aircraft missile, state-run North Korean news agency KCNA reported Friday. โ€œThe remarkable combat performanceโ€ of the missile would, according to the agency, be due to the introduction of โ€œnew key technologies.โ€

The test followed a series of weapons launches by North Korea over the past month. This is how the country fired another type of hypersonic missile on Tuesday. Hypersonic missiles are so fast that they are difficult to intercept by existing missile defense systems.

So this time it concerns the launch of an anti-aircraft missile. Both anti-aircraft and hypersonic missiles are not covered by the UN resolutions that restrict North Koreas arsenal of arms. For example, the country should not develop nuclear weapons or fire ballistic missiles. Anti-aircraft missiles are much smaller than the ballistic missiles and harder to detect from afar.

The latest anti-aircraft and hypersonic missile tests have nevertheless led to international conviction. For example, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the recent tests created โ€œgreater prospects for instability and insecurityโ€.

The United States, Britain and France convened a United Nations Security Council meeting on North Korea before Friday. That meeting was originally scheduled for Thursday but was postponed by Russia and China, who asked for more time to study the situation, a diplomatic source told French news agency AFP.