North Korea fires ballistic missile again

North Korea has once again fired at least one ballistic missile. The projectile landed in the sea. According to the armed forces of neighbouring South Korea, this is probably a missile launched underwater.

The South Korean army does not say whether the missile was fired by a submarine or a missile platform beneath the surface of the water. If the isolated dictatorship has the ability to have advanced missiles fired by submarines, it can target targets in more places around the world and make it harder to eliminate the North Korean arsenal.

The North Korean launch is said to have taken place at Sinpo port, where there is an important shipyard. An insider told the South Korean news agency Yonhap that the missile traveled a distance of 590 kilometers and reached an altitude of about 60 kilometers.


The US military has condemned the missile launch and asked North Korea to refrain from other โ€œdestabilizingโ€ acts. The Americans stress that the launch is not seen as a danger to their own country or allies.

North Korea has been working on ballistic missiles that can be fired underwater for a long time. The country also carried out such weapons testing in 2016 and 2019. At that time, according to analysts, the projectiles were probably not shot off by submarines, but by a special launch plant that was underwater.

UN resolutions prohibit North Korea‘s self-proclaimed nuclear power from testing ballistic missiles, but the country attracts little of that. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced that two ballistic missiles had been detected and felt it was โ€œregrettableโ€ that the country continues missile testing.


Leader Kim Jong-un’s regime has been causing international turmoil for years by working on advanced weapons. Previous US President Donald Trump tried to negotiate with Kim, but that didn‘t lead to a breakthrough. Kim’s regime wants to refrain from severe international sanctions that are being burdened.

In recent weeks, North Korea has fired several missiles, despite North Korea and South Korea having restored their direct lines of communication last month. Seoul expressed hope earlier this month that the inter-Korean dialogue could be restarted.