North Korea fires ballistic missiles eastward again

North Korea has again fired two ballistic missiles eastbound. This is reported by the authorities of South Korea and Japan. It is the sixth time in just two weeks that Pyongyang has carried out a missile test.

Initially, Japan reported that one of the missiles flew overland again, but this was later corrected. The projectiles are said to have fallen in the Sea of Japan, between North Korea and Japan.

According to South Korea, these are two short-range ballistic missiles. One projectile covered a distance of 800 kilometers, the other flew about 350 kilometers, according to Japan.

Yesterday, Pyongyang also launched a ballistic missile towards Japan. The projectile flew over Japanese territory and ended up in the Pacific Ocean 3,000 kilometers offshore.


The situation around the Koreas has been tense in recent weeks. The North Korean tests are seen as a response to the joint military exercises by Japan, South Korea and the United States, but according to the US and Japan, these are unacceptable.

โ€œThis absolutely cannot be tolerated,โ€ said Japanese Prime Minister Kishida. US Secretary Blinken warned yesterday that Pyongyang will become further isolated if it continues the tests.

Todays test comes as the UN Security Council meets in New York to discuss the North Korean threat. UN resolutions prohibit North Korea from testing ballistic missiles that can carry a nuclear warhead.