North Korea fires cruise missiles during exercise

North Korea conducted successful cruise missile tests last weekend, reports state news agency KCNA. The long-distance missiles flew 1,500 kilometers before hitting targets and landed in territorial waters of the country during tests held Saturday and Sunday.

The development of the missiles provides โ€œthe strategic importance of having another effective deterrent to ensure the security of our state more reliably and strongly curb the military maneuvers of the hostile forces,โ€ said the state news agency. Pyongyang has long been accusing the US and South Korea of โ€œhostile policyโ€ towards the country.

Conversations are silent

In March this year, North Korea also carried out tests with a new type of ballistic missiles, after a break of more than a year. The US condemned do that as a โ€œdestabilizingโ€ action. Last month it emerged that the country had resumed operations in the country‘s main nuclear reactor, a step that could indicate nuclear weapons production.

The US is deeply concerned about the North Koreans’ weapons programs, who have tested missiles that can reach parts of the US mainland. The previous US President Donald Trump repeatedly spoke about this with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who in turn wants the heavy sanctions against his regime to be removed. The consultation did not lead to a breakthrough, the talks have been silent since 2019.