North Korea fires ‘newly developed’ anti-aircraft missile

North Korea has fired a โ€œnewly developedโ€ anti-aircraft missile, reports the state news agency KCNA. It‘s the fourth time in a few weeks that the North Koreans are firing a missile.

Earlier this week, North Korea was already launching a hypersonic missile, and before that, among other things, ballistic missiles and a cruise missile with nuclear capabilities were fired.

According to the North Korean arms industry, the missile has โ€œnew key technologiesโ€. The state news agency speaks of โ€œremarkable combat performanceโ€. This would allow the missile to react very quickly and be extremely accurate.

Whether the test has succeeded is not clear. Normally, Japan, the United States and South Korea report that North Korea has carried out a missile test, but it has not yet happened. The North Koreans say the test is essential for the development of various anti-aircraft missiles.

Kim Jong-un absent

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was presumably not present at launch. The state news agency reports that Park Jong-chon was at its launch, a member of the powerful North Korean politburo and the central committee of the Korean Workers’ Party.

Later today, there will be a United Nations Security Council meeting on the recent North Korean missile testing. That meeting was supposed to be yesterday, but was postponed at the request of Russia and China. According to AFP news agency, these two countries needed more time to study the situation.