North Korea restores hotline with South Korea

North Korea reinstated its hotline with South Korea at 9am local time on Monday. The government of South Korea reports that the two countries have had their first phone call since August. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un announced last week she wanted to restore the hotline.

Kim said on September 30, with the restoration of communication, โ€œto enable people‘s hopes for better relations and lasting peace between the Koreasโ€. The two neighbouring countries sought rapprochement last July and announced the recovery of their mutual communication. It was broken more than a year before. But longevity this recovery wasn’t shame at that time. North Korea broke off its connection with South Korea in early August, just two weeks later.

The decision to reinstate the hotline now comes a few days after the North Korean government raised international concern by conducting a series of missile tests shortly in a row. These trials prompted the UN Security Council to hold an emergency meeting. Negotiations on the dismantling of North Korean nuclear and missile programmes, in exchange for relief from US sanctions, have been stuck for a long time.

The South Korean Ministry of Reunification stated Monday morning that with the restoration of the communication line between the South and the North, โ€œthe government believes that a foundation has been laid for the restoration of inter-Korean relations.โ€