North Korea shows ballistic missiles on parade, ‘firing can be done from submarine’

At a military parade in Pyongyang, North Korea has shown new ballistic missiles on Thursday night. According to state media, they can be fired from a submarine.

State personnel bureau KCNA referred to โ€œthe most powerful weapon in the worldโ€. Rocket launchers and tanks were also shown at the parade, which was the final piece of a Congress of the Workers‘ Party.

In October, a much larger parade was held in the North Korean capital, where a huge long-range missile (ICBM) was shown. That missile didn’t pass in the parade this time.

Thousands of soldiers participated in the military parade:

North Korea‘s weapons claims should not be accepted immediately for truth, says Sico van der Meer, North Korean expert at Clingendael Institute. โ€œThey’re pretty good at bluff and propaganda. In the past, weapons shown were sometimes made up of board cardboard and papier-mรขchรฉ.โ€

โ€œ For example, once a video appeared from North Korea that a missile from a submarine had been launched. Later it turned out to be manipulated images, because the rocket was fired from a pontoon.โ€

Signal to Biden

โ€œ On the other hand, we know from intelligence sources that they have been developing weapons of this kind for some time. It is worrying that they are doing this,โ€ says Van der Meer.

He also calls it a signal to Joe Biden, who will be inaugurated Wednesday as a successor to US President Trump. โ€œNorth Korea says: don‘t forget us, you have to deal with us. It’s a poor country, they have little to offer to the world. They want to show that they are dangerous and that economic concessions are needed to contain the danger.โ€


recent years, reports of missile testing have been reported less frequently from North Korea. According to Van der Meer, this is the merit of Trump, who met with Kim several times. โ€œBut to be honest, I think they also withheld to prevent Trump from doing strange military actions.โ€