North Korea takes new missile test and lashes out to US

North Korea has conducted another missile test according to South Korea and allies, a projectile would have landed in the sea. It would be a short-range missile.

The United States is also reporting it. It was first said that there was no immediate danger to Americans or allies, but in a later statement the test was condemned precisely because of the danger to neighbouring countries and the international community. He also violates various UN resolutions, according to the State Department.

South Korea‘s accusation followed shortly before the North Korean UN ambassador had called on the United States to abandon their โ€œhostile stanceโ€ towards Pyongyang.

National Harmony

According to Kim Song, North Korea has the right to defend itself and test weapons. South Korea also got a swipe out of the pan, the southern neighbor would prefer good relations with Western allies over โ€œnational harmonyโ€. Song said joint US-South Korea military exercises should stop.

In recent weeks, North Korea has done more frequent weapons tests. According to experts, the country is working on a long-distance missile capable of carrying a nuclear charge, something the US wants to prevent pertinent. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un does not want to talk to Washington for the time being, including sanctions and โ€œhostileโ€ foreign policy.

President Biden’s predecessor Trump met Kim Jong-un in February 2019, but discussions on the North Korean nuclear program have been shut down ever since.