North Korea warns Biden: Dont provoke us

North Korea has sent a message to the new US administration for the first time. Kim Yo-jong, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, warned the Americans not to do provocative things.

The warning comes in the week that US Ministers Blinken (Foreign Affairs) and Austin (Defence) are visiting East Asia. They are now in Japan and later travel to South Korea, the archenemy of North Korea.

A joint military exercise is also underway in South Korea. American and South Korean soldiers do computer simulations together. There is no field exercises this year; not only because of corona, but also to keep the tensions on the Korean Peninsula from rising any further.

No hearing

President Bidens government is trying to start a dialogue with the Communist North Korea, which has been working on nuclear weapons for years. So far, however, American diplomats have not found their hearing. President Trump had three meetings with Kim Jong-un, who were initially cordial but ultimately only led to new tensions.

If Biden wants to achieve something with North Korea, the Americans must be very careful, was Kim Yo-jongs message. It is responsible for cooperation with South Korea within the North Korean regime.

If the Americans want to sleep well over the next four years, it would be wise not to do things that will immediately stand in the way of a good nights sleep, said the sister of the North Korean leader. Army exercises and hostility can never go hand in hand with dialogue and cooperation.